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DOORGATE dock shelters are designed to always ensure the best possible thermal insulation and achieve energy savings while keeping the facility clean.
Thanks to the signalling system, truck approach operations to the loading bay are made easier, thus speeding up and making the loading and unloading manoeuvres more flexible.

They are formed by a perimeter structure that fixes a set of tarpaulins that adapt to the truck. This structure is available in aluminum or galvanized and can be rectractable, cold store or inflatable.

Taking into account the specifications of each place, a retractable, cold store or inflatable dock shelter can be installed.

retractable dock shelter


Retractable dock shelters with inclined roofs are formed by a perimeter structure that holds a series of cavases which adapt to the truck's bodywork. This structure is retractable so that if any incorrect manoeuvre is performed by the truck, the shelter returns to its initial position.

cold store dock shelter


When a vehicle begins to approach the loading bay to unload, it leans on the dock shelter and compresses it. The result is the perfect adaption of the dock shelter to the vehicle box, blocking all entry of air and external elements.

inflatable dock shelter


The perfect adaption of our inflatable dock shelter to the truck blocks provides considerable energy savings by thermally isolating the exterior and providing greater interior hygiene, always without affecting the comfort and flexibility of the manueuvre. The air bag folds into sides when the shelter is not being used in order to avoid tearing and to make manoeuvring easier.


jogo de batentes
Rubber bumper
placa de fixação para jogo de batentes
Rubber bumper
clamping base
jogo de batentes quadrado
Square rubber
bumper 250x250x100mm
jogo de batentes reforçado
Reinforced rubber
bumper 500x250x100mm
kit semáforo led
light kit led
luz de cais led 24v
light led 24V
tubo guido reto
Painted / Galvanized
straight guido tube
tubo guido aberto
Painted / Galvanized
open guido tube