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DOORGATE Overlap Doors are an innovative concept that does not require the ceiling tracks and reduces the space occupied inside the garage.
The operator is housed in the upper beam of the door frame.

This solution operates the two sections of the door without the need of the tracks inside the garage where the first section acts as the track rail for the second section that follows beneath.


• Trackless: this is the main feature that makes Overlap a unique selling proposition. Thanks to its self-standing frame and the two stackable sections, Overlap does not require the unsightly ceiling rails.
• Operator positioned inside the frame: the motor is housed inside the upper beam of the door frame, does not need sliding structures.
• Counterweight system: the mechanical movement of the panels is provided by double counterweighs on each side of the frame and as a consequence parts exposed to wear and tear are reduced to a minimum.
• Appearance: this innovation makes a clean and ordely garage space both inside and outside.

vantagens porta overlap